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What is Repiping?

Repiping is a process of replacing the water supply lines in a home or other building. When your water pressure is low, the water has a bad taste, is mis-colored, or the water pressure drops when it is used in more that one location, it's time to repipe. As plumbing systems age, corrosion and material build-up causes low pressure and leaky pipes.

This process of repiping is know under several variations, including; copper repiping, copper re-piping, a repipe, re-pipe, replumbing, re-plumbing, new piping, piping replacement, plastic repiping, PEX repipe, PVC repiping, and Kitec repiping.

Repiping drains may not be included in a repiping project, but if you do have problems with your drainage system, it's smart to fix the problem during the main repiping project. This will alleviate having to make holes in the walls more than once.

Plumbers that are licensed to do plumbing are licensed to do re-piping. Re-piping is part of the plumbing license classification. Plumbing companies that specialize in the re-piping process are know Copper Repiping Specialists. But all re-piping specialist companies that are legally licensed are really plumbers. Plumbing companies that specialize in re-piping can usually re-pipe a building faster, better, and at a lower price than a regular plumber.

Repiping a home can be a matter of comfort, so that showers and other fixtures work correctly, at the same time. It can be a heath issue, clean water is a concern. Safety should also be considered, repiping can prevent accidental scalding. Protecting your investment against damage from bursting pipes, and possible mold contamination should be a top priority. Many people repipe their property in preparation for selling their homes, repiping can be a good investment for your property.

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Lawsuit Info

This website has been established by Class Counsel to provide information to class members of the class action lawsuit involving brass KITEC® plumbing fittings ("Kitec® Fittings") that was certified by the Nevada District Court on October 16, 2006, which alleges that KITEC® Fittings are defective because they dezincify and fail when exposed to water.

This class action includes all owners of residences in Clark County, Nevada that contain, or at any time contained, a Kitec and/or PlumBetter piping system and/or components, although it is now believed this product was not used extensively in Clark County beyond 2004.

KITEC® Door Hanger

KITEC Door Hanger
Click to Enlarge

Some class residences recently had this KITEC® door hanger (see the image to the left) placed on the doors with information about how to receive the benefits of settlements reached in this class action. If you recently found one of these door hangers at your home, please click here for more information on how you should proceed.


IPEX $90 Million Released

After more than two years of waiting due to appeals to the Nevada Supreme Court, Class Counsel is pleased to announce that the $90 million in Ipex settlement funds was released for use by the class through a Court order dated March 14, 2011. The release of the Ipex settlement funds means that all class members will receive an opportunity to claim the settlement benefits achieved on their behalf in this class action. Each class member will be contacted via mail with specific information regarding the relief available to them and how to claim the relief. Click here for more detailed information regarding the release of the $90 million in Ipex settlement funds. 

Settlement Update for Champion Homes Subclass B, Champion Homes Subclass C, Daybreak Gardens Subclass, Draeger Subclass, John Laing Homes Subclass, MBT Subclass, Paragon Homes Subclass, Rhodes Homes Subclass B, RPS Homes Subclass, Woodside Homes Subclass A, and Woodside Homes Subclass B

Settlement Update for Kimball Hill Homes Subclass A

Settlement Update for KB Homes Subclass C and Sharp Plumbing

Settlement Update for Vipor Homes Subclass B

Settlement Update for Rhodes Homes Subclass A

Settlement Update for Richmond American Subclass C

Settlement Update for Avante Homes, KB Home Subclass A, LBM Development, Nigro Homes, Pageantry Homes, Vipor Homes Subclass A, and Sharp Plumbing

Settlement Update for D.R. Horton, Desert Wind, H&H Development, KB Home Subclass B, Pulte Home, Wexford Homes, and Classic Plumbing

Settlement Update for American Premiere, Astoria Homes, Concordia Homes, Developers of Nevada, Signature Homes, Platis Construction, RL Homes, SBA Development, Westmark Homes, and William Lyon Homes

Richmond American Subclass B Settlement Update

Del Webb Settlement Update

Ipex Settlement Update

Settlement Update for Richmond American Subclass A




Attn: J. Randall Jones, Esq.
William L. Coulthard, Esq.
3800 Howard Hughes Parkway
Seventeenth Floor
Las Vegas, Nevada 89169

Attn: Francis Lynch, Esq.
Charles Dee Hopper, Esq.
Sergio Salzano, Esq.
1640 Alta Drive, Suite 11
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

For additional information on the Kitec class action, including whether you are a member of the class, please call Class Counsel at (702) 341-8585.


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Second only to fire, a flood is one of the most-feared events in a home, given the damage water can do. Little wonder that homeowners are up in arms and hiring Kitec defective plumbing lawyers over Kitec pipes and fittings that fail prematurely.

And when defective Kitec pipes fail, it’s not that they just stop working and the water stops flowing. The opposite is true: you have water in your home. Have those pipes burst while you’re away, and you have the potential for mold as well.

The Kitec plumbing system consists of flexible aluminum pipe sandwiched between an inner, and an outer layer of PEX plastic pipe. Such reinforced piping was considered an improvement over the flexible pvc piping that has been a common feature of new home construction over the last twenty years.

However, reality is anything but, as the Kitec piping is subject to a process calleddezincification, which is a chemical reaction triggered from exposure to-wait for it—water.  WATER!

The problem appears not to be with the piping itself, but the all-important Kitec brass fittingsthat join two pieces of pipe together. These fittings are subject to the dezincificationprocess, which is a form of corrosion. The fittings break down, and corrosion constricts water flow, sometimes severely. Multiply this event by several dozen fittings found in a typical dwelling, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Failed Kitec fittings result in restricted water flow, cause leaks and other problems that can stem from water restriction. Appliances such as washers, dishwashers and plumbed refrigerators that dispense water and ice cubes can be negatively impacted. Severely restricted water flow in one area, can result in a build-up of pressure in another, providing the catalyst for a burst pipe and the catastrophe to contents as a result.

Depending on location, replacing a burst pipe can be costly, and replumbing an entire house runs in the thousands and thousands—and thousands of dollars. The latter is a nightmare, as walls, floors and ceilings have to be breached, then repaired and painted. Replacement of the fittings alone is, in itself, a major undertaking. To gain access to the fittings, the home’s infrastructure will need to be breached in much the same fashion.

Kitec piping comes in two colors—orange, for hot water transference and blue, for cold. The Kitec plumbing system is manufactured by IPEX USA LLC and was introduced about 15 years ago.  All types of housing, including high-end homes and dwellings of distinctive pedigree, could have the defective Kitec plumbing system.

A lawsuit was filed in Clark County Nevada on February 15th 2006, and was certified as a class action on October 16th of that year.  It is estimated that upwards of 50,000 homes in Clark County Nevada alone carry the Kitec pipe with the defective fittings.

Historically, homes were plumbed with copper pipes. However, as building costs rise, builders are always looking for efficiencies. Along came white pvc plastic pipe, and then later flexible pvc piping. The lower cost and ease of installation proved a boon for builders. However, home inspectors have been turning up their noses at any home equipped with flexible pvc pipe, suggesting to startled homeowners that the piping was a disaster in the making. “They don’t use this stuff anymore, and that’s why…”

The Kitec pipe system was supposed to have represented an improvement on that front. The reinforced pipe itself is not the issue, but rather the brass fittings that connect them. In the end, it doesn’t matter how good your pipe is, a leak-free plumbing system is only as good as the fittings, which hold it all together.

Ironically, there are 100-year-old houses out there with copper plumbing still providing good service…BUT, not so with the defective Kitec plumbing system.  Unfortunately, if you have Kitec plumbing in your home, you are likely to see a failure sooner rather than later.

If you or someone you know have incurred property damage or economic losses due to failed Kitec pipes, or if you believe a Kitec plumbing system may have been used in your home, contact Kitec Plumbing Lawyer Ryan Thompson at Watts Guerra Craft LLP for information on how to proceed.  You can reach our lead Kitec Defective Plumbing Lawyer, Mr. Thompson, by email at or try our toll free number at 1- 877-630-0939.

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Kitec Plumbing Systems Continue To Fail In Texas and Around the Country

Apr 21, 2010

Should I Hire a Lawyer and file a Kitec Lawsuit? Will my Kitec Plumbing System Fail?

Kitec pipes and fittings will fail prematurely causing leaks and water damage to your property.  It is not a question of if this result will occur – it is a question of when and how much damage will result.  At least one expert evaluation has found that Kitec water pipeshave an identifiable manufacturing defect that can cause corrosion in the pipes. Corrosion can result in leaks and other problems with your plumbing system.

Kitec consists of flexible aluminum pipe sandwiched between an inner and outer layer of plastic pipe (PEX Pipe). Kitec generally comes in two colors: blue (for cold water use) and orange (for hot water use). The pipes are manufactured by IPEX USA LLC and have been used in houses as far back as 10 to 15 years ago.

Kitec pipe and fittings fail when they are exposed to water because of a chemical reaction known as dezincification, which results in reduced water flow and leaks.Dezincified Kitec pipe and fittings cause damage not only when they burst and leak, but also impair the ability of a home’s plumbing system to effectively provide water to appliances and fixtures.  Often, the first symptom of an impending Kitec Plumbing Failure is decreased water pressure.

If you or someone you know have incurred property damage or economic losses due tofailed Kitec pipes, or if you believe Kitec pipes may have been used in your home, contact Kitec Plumbing Lawyer Ryan Thompson at Watts Guerra Craft LLP for information on how to proceed. We can be reached at (210) 448-0500 during normal business hours, email Mr. Thompson at or try our toll free number at 1- 877-630-0939.

Site Inspection & Estimate
A professional site inspection is critical to a successful construction process. Standard repiping projects include installation of all new hot and cold domestic water piping from the origination point to all existing faucets. Unless specifically included in the proposal, drain replacement and fixtures are not included.

Copper Repiping FAQs

Q: How do I know if my home needs copper repiping?
A:You will notice one our several of the following things:
  • Low Water Pressure
  • Being Scalded in Shower When Someone Else is Using the Water
  • Waiting Too Long for Hot Water
  • Rusty Water
  • Leaking Pipes
Q: What preparation needs to be done before the installation?
A: The only preparation required is to clear off any walls or clean out under your sinks or any other area, such as closets, where the walls will be opened for the repipe installation.

Q: Will my water be turned off for a prolonged period of time?
A: No. Normally, the water will be turned off during the day while the work is being done. In the evening you should be left with one functional bath. The process normally takes 1-3 days to complete.

Repair or Repipe

It is important to understand the scope of the project before any work is started. If you notice an isolated leak or a small portion of your existing piping or valves that are corroded or cracked you may be able to repair the problem and not install a new system. If you are experiencing low water pressure throughout all faucets in your house or notice large corrosion or several leaks it may be time to repipe your home.

Please review the different pages of this site for more information about the repiping process. We have included helpful resources about materials, installation, costs and much more. 

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Copper is the proven choice. However, copper is becoming more expensive. Copper that is used in re-piping should be hard USA manufactured copper, properly installed and protected. Avoid re-piping with soft copper. When the soil is "Hot" protect the copper pipe with plastic sleeving. It is not recommended that copper be buried under concrete slabs. Copper pipe that is buried should be buried in sand or clean soil free of rocks and boulders that can damage the copper pipe when compacted. Also anywhere pipes make penetrations through concrete it should be wrapped or protected and given adequate clearances for movement and settling.

Properly installed USA CDA copper has a 50 year warranty.

In order to help homeowners, potential homeowners, and consumers make educated decisions when it comes to plumbing, the CDA has developed a 12-point Plumbing Test. Not surprisingly, copper is the only plumbing material that can answer "yes" to each of the following questi
ons. How does your plumbing material match up?

The CDA 12-Point Plumbing Test:

1. Does your plumbing material have a long-term, proven performance record?
2. Is it permeable; can it block contaminants from penetrating its walls?
3. Can the joints withstand rapid pressure and temperature changes?
4. Will it perform well in all weather, and is easily thawed, if necessary?
5. Does it resist punctures and abrasions and not become brittle with age?
6. Does it inhibit the breeding of harmful germs?
7. Will it not burn, or give off smoke or toxic fumes, when exposed to fire?
8. Will it withstand the weather and the sun's ultraviolet rays in outdoor applications?
9. Is it maintenance-free and has a low lifetime cost of ownership?
10. Will it add to your home's resale value?
11. Does it have nationwide approval of building inspectors and engineers?
12. Does it have inherent quality and value, or offer 'false economy' like some competing materials?

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